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In today's Commercial and Film Productions Industry, cutting edge technology and streamlined processes are paramount to your company's success. Dionysus Creative is proud to present Virtual Set Pro, a production service which caters to your company's client, director, locations and design needs. Using the state-of-the-art Matterport camera. Virtual Set Pro captures sets and locations in real time, creates 3D models, and offers multiple options to streamline processes so that your team can effortlessly come together on the same virtual page.

Experience a working set in 360°. Click on the video to the right.

Highlights of this exclusive and premium service include

  • View, capture, and plan each location without stepping foot on site

  • Streamline locations and production design crew by connecting to virtual location in real time.

  • Save time, money, and travel on virtual tech scouts

  • Compliance with COVID-19 safety regulations

  • The Matterport camera is 2x the resolution of even the best DSLR camera on the market today

  • Connect your Clients virtually to your pre-production location options and augmented set pieces and builds

  • Interface with Pre-Viz and standing set design

  • Easy access link can be sent via text, email etc. Viewable on any device

  • Offer your Clients a 3D walkthrough of your finished set for promotional or marketing use.

Check out the location to the right. Walkthrough, measure a wall or view the layout in dollhouse view.

3D Walkthrough Scan

360° Virtual Set Crew View

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Dionysus Logo Homepage.png
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